Heliaflor® sunflower protein application possibilieties

Bakery Products

In cooperation with University of Hohenheim in Stuttgart we examined use of Heliaflor® as technological addition in baked goods. We focused on whole-grain bread and gluten-free bread.

Based on research results we developed an information sheet for baked goods which is especially addressed to manufacturer of baked goods. Not only manufacturer benefit from the use of Heliaflor® in their products but also customer: by a better taste, a longer delight and by an extra plus of valuable ingredients.

Basically both types of Heliaflor® are suitable for use in baked goods. In all studies it could be shown that a pre-soaking of Heliaflor® before further dough processing is recommendable to benefit from all positive properties. We recommend a pre-soaking time of 30 minutes. Afterwards all ingredients can be processed as usual to dough. To offer Heliaflor® as technological addition in a baking mix is also possible. Therefore just add sunflower protein in appropriate amount separately in a small packaging.

Use of Heliaflor® in whole-grain bread Content in the finished product: 5 %

Using Heliaflor® as ingredient in whole-grain bread caused an increased moisture and longer freshness. Due to an increased gas production volume and dough yield increase. Crumb shows higher elasticity.
For pre-soaking of both types of Heliaflor® we recommend one part protein and two or three parts water.

Use of Heliaflor® in gluten-free bread Content in the finished product: 2 % (with regard to total amount of ground cereal products and thickener)

We achieved longer freshness in gluten-free breads due to the use of Heliaflor® in recipe. Especially in moisture and the resulting feeling in the mouth the difference to standard product without Heliaflor® is clear. Crumb is loose and volume increased. Due to an increase of Heliaflor® content up to 5 % baking results can be influenced to a greater texture.
For positive baking results for gluten-free bread we recommend addition of a further thickener e.g. guar gum or carob gum.
For pre-soaking we recommend following amounts of water:

Heliaflor®45 Quantity approx. 2 %

Due to the use of Heliaflor® in baked goods volume of dough increases. Because of increased moisture products can be delighted longer. Furthermore protein content increases and valuable fibers make an important contribution to daily nutrition.

We recommend Heliaflor® for several products in the field of baked goods. Some customers of us work with Heliaflor® in e.g. muffins, cream puffs or in yeast cakes and could achieve positive results.


Heliaflor® Sunflower Protein is produced from 100 % organic sunflower seeds, and stands out as a high quality and clean label ingredient in pasta. Due to its fat and water binding properties, it is perfectly suited for the manufacturing of pasta and presents an alternative to classic grain derived flours.

Heliflor® is rich in protein and dietary fiber, low carb and gluten free. Adding Heliaflor® yields pasta with a higher protein and reduced carbohydrate content.

Recommended quantity is 30 % Heliaflor® 45. The sunflower protein is easy to incorporate with the flour into dough, and further into pasta according to your usual process. The result is a homogeneous dough which incorporates quality protein and valuable ingredients such as B-Vitamins and folic acid. The naturally contained glutamic acid provides a delicate savory taste, which can be further complimented by adding natural flavors of choice.

Our customer Burk’s Nudeln produces a delicious version of low carb pasta rich in protein. Werner Burk, production manager of Burk’s Nudeln, shows unlimited creativity with the formulations of his pasta. He created tasty low carb pasta with sunflower protein, Hokkaido or beetroot.


Vegan Spreads

Due to its emulsifying properties and neutral taste Heliaflor® is very suitable as a product base for plant spreads and pasties. The excellent fat and water binding properties of Heliaflor® allow for systematic control of consistency which make the finished products easy to spread.

Using the results of a scientific study at University of Applied Sciences Albstadt-Sigmaringen and in cooperation with customers we were able to create recipes for vegan spreads. If you would like to try them for yourself please find them under category “Recipes”. Of course you can change or add used spices according to desired flavor. For a mediterranean taste herbs as rosemary and thyme as well as dried tomatoes and olives can be used as ingredients. To achieve an equal colouring addition of lemon juice or vinegar is recommended.

Basically all types of Heliaflor® are suitable for this application field.
Heliaflor® 45 provides a more spicy taste than Heliaflor® 55.
Heliaflor® 50°6 is more suitable for products which original taste should be better appreciated.

Content in the finished product: 7 to 9 %

Sauces and Dips

Heliaflor® can be used like a roux to thicken sauces.
Content varies according to how thick and creamy the sauce should be. The sunflower protein doesn’t thicken the sauce as strongly as starch. Instead it helps to combine water and oil to achieve a creamy consistency. For this purpose a small amount of Heliaflor® 55 can be added e.g. in a curry or pan dish Furthermore we recommend addition of a little vinegar or lemon juice as Heliaflor® has an optimal effect in slightly acidic area and colouring is steady.

Heliaflor® can also be used as base for dips. Depending on how spreadable the dip should be a varying amount of Heliaflor® can be used. Sunflower protein should be added together with oil to water or other liquid component. The ingredients should be mixed well to achieve a stable emulsion as basis for the dip. Adding vinegar or lemon juice will increase the dip’s shelf life. Finally the dip can be spiced and refined depending on the desired flavor.

Egg-free mayonnaise and salad dressings

Due to its specific protein structure Heliaflor® shows excellent emulsifying properties. Therefore Heliaflor® is very well suited for processing of mayonnaise and dressings. The special thing about it is that eggs can be replaced and finished product is a vegan mayonnaise. Furthermore fat content in product can be minimized because no additional fat component is used. Mayonnaise and dressings with Heliaflor® barely differ from products without Heliaflor® in recipe.

Heliaflor® 55 is more appropriate for use in vegan mayonnaise or dressings due to its fine texture, neutral taste, excellent fat binding and a maximal fat content of 2 %.

In mayonnaise and dressings Heliaflor® increases viscosity, acts as stabilizer and improves consistency. Sunflower protein acts as a typical emulsifier. Due to its excellent fat and water binding properties all components in recipe stick together.

Heliaflor® can replace other thickeners partially or completely. The higher the used amount of Heliaflor® in recipe, the thicker is consistency of finished product. Amount of sunflower protein in dressings should be less than amount in mayonnaise.

We recommend addition of a little lemon juice or vinegar to recipe because optimal effect of Heliaflor® is in slightly acidic area. Under “Recipes” you can find a basic recipe for vegan mayonnaise. Quantity of Heliaflor® 55 is 4 %. With a reduced amount of sunflower protein or rather an increased liquid portion finished product is more like a salad dressing. This basic recipe can be varied by adding several spices, herbs or other flavoring components. With a little bit of garlic finished product is a vegan aioli. With fresh herbs you can achieve an herb mayonnaise or dressing.

Content in the finished product: 2 – 5 %

Sausage and Meat Products

In cooperation with the University of Applied Sciences Beuth in Berlin addition of Heliaflor® in sausages and meat products, especially in pickled products, was analysed. Basically Heliaflor® can be used in meat products as stabilizer and for protein enrichment in finished products. For both applications it could be shown Heliaflor® 55 is more suitable.

In addition to positive research results our customers report about their positive experiences they achieved with use of Heliaflor®. In boiled sausages, liver sausage, cold cuts and pastries better fat and water binding capacities and increased bite could be achieved. Also during preparation of burgers loss of fat and water decreased. Altogether meat products stay more succulent and thereby tastier.

Use of Heliaflor®55 as a stabilizer
Content in the finished product: 1 % (referring to meat)

Due to its excellent fat- and waterbinding properties Heliaflor® is very suitable for creation of sausage or meat products. Therefore a study at the University of Applied Sciences Beuth examined the use of sunflower protein in pickled products. In experiments 1 % Heliaflor®, referring to meat, was added as an ingredient to pickle brine. With lower amount results were not satisfying.
Due to addition of Heliaflor® stability of boiled ham increases. Sedimentation of water and fat is reduced. Significant improvement could be shown for slice consistency and first cut. Unnecessary waste can be avoided and yield increase. Taste and smell of boiled ham with Heliaflor® showed no deviations compared to standard. The same applies to cooking loss.

Further applications of Heliaflor® as stabilizer:
Boiled sausages, cold cuts, pastries, liver sausage: content in the finished product 3-5 g/kg (with processing of frozen meat up to 10 g/kg)

Burgers: content in the finished product up to 10 g/kg

Use of Heliaflor®55 for protein enrichment: Content in the finished product: up to 5 %

Another study at the University of Applied Sciences Beuth demonstrated possibility of using up to 5 % Heliaflor® 55 for protein enrichment in cooked sausages, spreadable sausages and boiled sausages. Depending on recipe more water has to be added to achieve same consistency. It was established that especially spicy flavours are being complimented by Heliaflor®.

We are planning more studies with the University of Applied Sciences Beuth in the field of sausages and meat products. We will post results and new findings on this webpage.

Vegan Substitute for Meat

Due to its high-quality plant protein and its emulsifying capacities Heliaflor® can be used as ingredient in meat substitutes as vegan and vegetarian sausages, burgers, nuggets or schnitzel. Sunflower protein can be used as a basic ingredient in mixture or as a technological addition for stabilization. Depending on objective quantities up to 20 % Heliaflor® in recipes are possible.

Basically all types of Heliaflor® are suitable for this application field. Heliaflor®50°6 provides a more spicy taste than Heliaflor® 55. Heliaflor® 55 is more suitable for products which original taste should be better appreciated.

Use of Heliaflor® as basic ingredient in vegan sausages: Content in the finished product: 15 to 20 %

Due to its excellent fat and water binding properties and its slightly spicy taste Heliaflor® can be used as protein content in vegan and vegetarian substitutes for meat like vegan sausages. The stabilizing and emulsifying effect of Heliaflor® positively influences consistency of finished product. Under category “Recipes” you can find a recipe for vegan sausages. Besides Heliaflor® the mixture contains water, boiled chickpeas, several spices and carob gum as a thickener. Of course you can vary the used spices according to desired flavor. Dried herbs and tomatoes, olives or finely grated vegetables, e.g. carrots, can also be used as ingredients.

Use of Heliaflor® as stabilizer: Content in the finished product: ca. 2 %

In the production of vegan burgers which are based on legumes and vegetables Heliaflor® can be used as a stabilizer, e.g. to replace eggs. Typical ingredients for meatless burgers (soy, legumes,vegetables) are characterized by their low fat content. Therefore tasteless plant oil should be added to enrich mixture and to avoid dryness. Furthermore basic mixture should be soaked for a few minutes so Heliaflor® can develop its stabilizing properties.


In bars Heliaflor® can be used as a substitute for conventional proteins like whey, soy, wheat or lupine protein. Using Heliaflor® allows systematic control of the bars’ consistency. In this way desired firmness and bite can be easily achieved.

In cooperation with students we have developed recipes for bars where whey, soy or wheat proteins have been replaced with Heliaflor®. We developed fruit bars that contain besides several dried fruits and nuts ca. 20 % Heliaflor® and 10 % water. By adequate composition of different ingredients bars can be obtained, which are rich in protein and fibres. Because of that they are suitable e.g. for athletes. Due to the application of dried fruits no additional sugar is necessary.

Content in the finished product: depending on the composition of the bar up to 20 %


Due to its high protein content and texturising effect, Heliaflor® is very well suited as an ingredient in dry blends for protein shakes. The sunflower protein complements other proteins such as soya, pea, lupine or hemp. Due to the optimal combination of different vegetable proteins you achieve a high biological value in the shake. Heliaflor® also provides valuable dietary fibres, high-quality polyphenols and B vitamins. Some of our customers already successfully offer Heliaflor® in their blends on the market.
Shake recipes with Heliaflor® are variable and can be supplemented with other ingredients according to taste when mixed. Bananas, mangoes or soft fruits are perfect for fruity shakes. Honey or agave syrup are suitable for an additional sweetness. A pinch of cinnamon, cardamon and a little vanilla powder lend a spicy-sweet note. Grated ginger provides a slight pungency. The trend of green smoothies can also be followed by adding vegetables such as beetroot, spinach or avocado. They provide an extra portion of minerals. Omega fatty acids, e.g. in the form of linseed oil, can be added for a further increase in high-quality ingredients. In this context Heliaflor® unfolds its emulsifying effect and the oil is firmly integrated into the shake.
Amount used in the end product: Up to 25 %.

Dietary Supplements

The term dietary supplement describes food that enriches the daily diet with additional nutrients. These can be macronutrients as protein and fat or micronutrients as vitamins and minerals. All these ingredients are not given by a pill but rather by a high quality food.

Heliaflor®, especially Heliaflor® 55, is characterized by its high protein content. As a supplier of high-quality native protein and of all essential amino acids Heliaflor® can be added to sauces, shakes or cereals. Thereby enrichment with fiber is also possible.

Sunflower protein contains valuable B-vitamins, especially folic acid.

Heliaflor® supplies e.g. pregnant women, vegetarians and vegans with this vitamin. Furthermore high-quality polyphenols have a positive effect on health.

For daily consumption we recommend two to five spoons (10 to 25 g) of Heliaflor® mixed with at least 200 ml of liquid or added in shakes, sauces or one of our recipes.