stoppox, bio / rosemary extract




84604-14-8 /8001-21-6

Composition / Ingredients

Rosmary extract organic: approx. 65 %
Sunflower oil organic: approx. 35 %

Shelf life

At least 60 months

Packaging / Container

Available from 1 kg
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StoppOx® RE 60, organic / Rosemary Extract


The brown StoppOx® RE 60, organic has a spicy scent of rosemary and contains mainly antioxidant ingredients. StoppOx® RE 60, organic is produced from rosemary leaves by CO2 high pressure extraction. Our StoppOx® RE 60, organic is ORGANIC and KOSHER certified. The extract can be stored for at least 60 months.

Application food supplements

The antioxidant effect of StoppOx® RE 60, organic / Rosemary Extract demonstrably exceeds that of α-tocopherols and ascorbic acid and is therefore popular in the food industry.
The carnosolic acid contained in StoppOx® RE 60, organic protects fatty foods (sausage, fish, cooking oils and snacks) from spoiling quickly. When carnosolic acid comes into contact with atmospheric oxygen, it reacts to form carnosol - another antioxidant. StoppOx® RE 60, organic is therefore a preferred antioxidant for natural food stabilisation and is widely used.

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