Container sizes, packaging and the environment

Without packaging our everyday life is not imaginable any more. It is useful and has necessary functions, but also a downside: waste.
For this reason, we have the right packaging for every product - sustainable, environmentally friendly and/or recyclable. We do everything we can to avoid waste, reuse intact packaging or dispose waste that arises in accordance to packaging guidelines.

Sustainable packaging sizes

The perfect packaging size

Our packaging sizes are suitable for bulk buyers as well as small manufacturers. In order to meet the individual requirements of our customers, we deliver from 1 kg in bottles or cans and in steps of 4.5 kg / 23 kg / 190 kg / 920 kg in canisters / buckets / drums or IBCs. The construction of two large tank farms on our premises is being planned in order to avoid packaging here as well.

Sustainability in transport

Protection for our valuable products

In order to protect the goods from damage and contamination during transport, we only use containers whose materials are food grade. The used IBC's are taken from Allgäu companies as well as private persons to use them further. IBC's that can no longer be repaired are disposed professionally. All metal drums are squeezed together to save space and are then passed on to the appropriate disposal company - by the way, pure metal can be recycled as often as desired.

CO₂ neutral shipping

From 2023, our UPS packages will only be sent "carbon neutral". For a small flat fee per package or pallet, UPS purchases carbon offsets to offset carbon dioxide (CO₂) emissions that come from shipping. The emission offsets offset the calculated carbon emissions caused by shipping by supporting climate and environmental protection projects that have a positive impact on the climate elsewhere. UPS supports projects that include reforestation, landfill gas destruction, wastewater treatment and methane destruction.

Sustainability Packaging material

Environmentally friendly packaging

As protective packaging we use so-called "Crumpled Paper" made of 100% recycled paper, which offers numerous advantages: It has the same excellent protective properties as conventional material, is very flexible and adapts to individual packaging needs. It has lower energy and water consumption as well as low CO2 emission, thus conforming to the circular economy model.
Our packing tape is made of environmentally friendly soda kraft paper and can be disposed together with cardboard without any problems. Natural rubber is used as adhesive.


With our paper recycling management with the company Dorr, we recycled 147 m³ of waste paper in 2022. With the recycled paper obtained from this, approx. 194,886 kg of wood could be saved, which corresponds to around 132 spruce or 60 eucalyptus trees. This saves around 14,363,125 liters of water and 1,071,875 kWh hours of energy.