Recycling or using existing materials has always been a matter of course for us. As early as 2005, for example, we were the first to produce a high-quality almond protein from the press cake from almond oil production.

Upcycling in cosmetics

Upcycling, especially in the beauty sector, is trendy because customers want more sustainability, less waste and no waste of valuable resources. Like upcycling in other industries, upcycling beauty transforms by-products or waste materials considered useless into new high-quality products.
The term upcycling beauty does not refer to the packaging, but primarily to the ingredients in cosmetics. This sustainable trend was started a few years ago by a British cosmetics brand that used coffee grounds from local London coffee shops for body scrubs with great success.
To AOT upcycling beauty is much more than a trend: many of our oils are made from by-products of food production. For example we use the remaining seeds from a pomegranate juice production in Azerbaijan for our high-quality organic pomegranate seed oil. Likewise we work together with a producer of rosehip jam and press our popular organic rosehip seed oil from the seeds which are not used. Waste materials are thus recycled and appreciated.

In our range you find a wide selection for Upcycling Beauty:
Organic Apricot Kernel Oil

Organic Black Currant Seed Oil
Organic Cranberry Seed Oil
Organic Elderberry Seed Oil
Organic Grape Seed Oil
Organic Passion Fruit Kernel Oil
Organic Plum Kernel Oil
Organic Pomegranate Seed Oil
Organic Raspberry Seed Oil
Organic Rosehip Kernel Oil

Organic Seabuckthorn Seed Oil
Organic Sour Cherry Kernel Oil


For AOT upcycling beauty does not end at this point. We also strive to use the entire fruit or plant as far as possible without wasting any part of it.
So we use almonds to produce both organic almond oil and our much sought-after organic almond protein: the press cake from the oil production is by no means an inferior waste, but a valuable resource. Another example is the cashew nut, from which we produce not only organic cashew flour but also a very stable organic cashew kernel oil.
Hemp can be used to make several products from the different parts of the plant. For example, we use the leaves, stems and flowers for our organic CBD oils, and at the same time the hemp fibres are used in the textile industry. From the hemp seeds we produce organic hemp leaf macerate and organic hemp protein.
Upcycling beauty is a matter of the heart for us, which we pursue out of respect for nature along the entire supply chain.

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Inside beauty

Wiederverwendete Rohstoffe für die Beauty-Produkte

Franziska Breisinger, AOT All Organic Treasures, verzeichnet eine steigende Nachfrage nach ökologischen Rohstoffen und Upcycling-Inhaltsstoffen.
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