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Heliaflor® Cereal Pure or Chocolate are absolute product innovations and AOT clearly reflects the diversity of the healthy vegetable protein market, especially for sunflowers. The dry extrudates are made from high-quality sunflower protein from controlled organic cultivation. A rice flour content gives the cereals a nutty-sweet flavour.
The crisps are produced in cooperation with a production partner with whom the recipes have been developed to the perfect final product. In the first step of dry extrusion, the raw material sunflower protein or a blend with rice flour is mixed with water to form a doughy mass. This mass is then heated in the extruder and conveyed under high pressure through a transport pipe. When the heated mass exits the tube, it expands and forms its characteristic shape.

Heliaflor® Cereal
Thanks to their rice flour content, Heliaflor® Cereal Pure have a nutty-sweet flavour and enrich breakfast cereals, bars or snacks with high-quality protein. While the pure version adds little of its own flavour to the final product, chocolate lovers can choose Heliaflor® Cereal Choco, a version refined with high-quality cocoa powder and sea salt, Thanks to their special structure, the cereals remain crunchy in liquid for up to 10 minutes and do not soften immediately. The morning muesli is not only enriched with high-quality protein, but also gets a special bite and can be enjoyed in peace and quiet!

Combined with chocolate coating, coconut fat and a selection of nuts, seeds and dried fruits, the cereals can be made into high-protein bars or snacks.