plant nutrition with proteins

Market research on the subject of plant nutrition

Why is it even worthwhile to invest research into plant nutrition?
The answer to this question can be found in the results of market research: the acceptance of an alternative diet is very high in Europe. Many Europeans give positive answers when asked about their willingness to give up meat or to accept alternative forms of consumption to protect the environment and conserve resources. However, most Europeans find it rather insufficient to simply replace meat with vegetables. According to a study conducted by the German Society for Consumer Research (GfK), those questioned were rather prepared to consume less meat, but this organically certified. However, the sales figures for organic meat show only slight growth.
In general, in Germany the willingness to reduce meat consumption in favour of products that are considered healthier is generally high.
The trend towards a more vegetarian diet remains unbroken.
According to several interviews with market participants (health food store operators, health food shops, organic wholesalers and restaurateurs) there will be no return to unhesitating meat consumption. The fact that vegetarianism and veganism are very fashionable, especially among young consumers (about 2 to 3 times higher than among older citizens), clearly shows the trend for the coming years. In the age group 50 plus, on the other hand, the main issue is the search for an adequate healthy meat substitute more than moral questions about animal welfare or climate. The focus is on their own health. But what unites both generations is the desire for more sustainability in food.
A great many figures are circulating in the market about plant-based nutrition. But there is a clear growth trend in this target group. An extrapolation to around 6.5 million people aged 14 and above in Germany who "largely do without meat" comes from the Institut für Demoskopie Allensbach, which calculated this on the basis of its database.
The results show: The search for tasty alternatives to meat is in full swing and this is also the great opportunity for healthy products made from sunflowers!