Vegetable proteins in raw food quality with important ingredients

Plant proteins in raw food quality

During the production of our sunflower protein Heliaflor®, temperatures of up to 65°C can be reached. However, the manufacturing process is a special temperature-controlled and product-friendly process, in which mainly the frictional energy available in the system is used. Nearly all valuable ingredients are preserved.

Heliaflor® is therefore suitable as a high-quality ingredient to enrich your raw food recipes with valuable native protein, B vitamins, especially folic acid, minerals and secondary plant substances. This is what distinguishes Heliaflor® and our other vegetable proteins from conventional protein products.
Furthermore, the functional properties, in particular of our sunflower protein Heliaflor®, are determined to a large extent by the gentle manufacturing process. The native protein structure influences the emulsifying, fat and water-binding capacity and thus makes the sunflower protein very versatile. If too much heat is applied resulting in protein denaturation, i.e. a destruction of the natural protein structure, the production of a stable vegan mayonnaise, for example, would not be so easily possible. The native proteins take over the emulsifying properties here.

Our other vegetable proteins are also processed particularly gently and can thus enrich your raw vegetable recipes. Protein-specific variations occur in the actual production process.