Our sunflower portfolio

Sunflower Proteins

#40085 Heliaflor® 45, organic for basic applications f. ex. spreads
#40084 Heliaflor® 55, organic high functionality, emulsifier + extrusion + long shelf life
#92442 Heliaflor® 50 HO, organic for basic applications, higher stability
#91319 Heliaflor® Extrufix 50 HO, organic for extrusion applications

Sunflower proteins

Sunflower Extrudates

#91502 Heliaflor® Cereal Pur, organic perfect for cereals and bars
#91501 Heliaflor® Cereal Schoko, organic perfect for cereals and bars
#91443 Heliaflor® SunflowerMINCE, organic* minced meat alternative, long shelf life
#92464 Heliaflor® SunflowerMINCE 50 HO, organic* minced meat alternative
#92039 Heliaflor® Grits, organic protein topping, „bread crums“, panko
*Partner Product

Extrudates Cereals Grits

Sunflower Oils

#10661 Sunflower Oil HO Refined, Organic
#10156 Sunflower Oil LO Cold Pressed, Organic
#91049 Sunflower Oil LO Refined, Organic

Sunflower oil