Sunflower proteins from All Organic Treasures

Heliaflor® Sunflower Proteins

Since sunflower is the fourth largest oil plant after oil and coconut palm and soya in terms of volume and is grown worldwide, the availability of the raw material is guaranteed at all times. For the production of Heliaflor®, hulled sunflower seeds are partially de-oiled by special cold pressing. The sunflower seed press cake resulting from the pressing  is then finely ground under exclusion of oxygen in a specially developed, temperature-controlled and product-friendly process. The entire production process takes place in Germany. In order to guarantee a constant high quality, we supervise the production in cooperation with accredited laboratories. To date, there are four variants of sunflower protein: Heliaflor® 45 with a minimum protein content of 45%, Heliaflor® 55 with a protein content of at least 55% as well as Heliaflor® 50 HO and Heliaflor® Extrufix 50 HO from high oleic sunflowerseeds with a protein content of at least 50%.

Heliaflor® 45 is characterised by a higher fat content. The water-binding capacity is stronger and the fat-binding capacity slightly lower. Heliaflor® 45 has a brownish colour and a more intensive taste and is suitable for spicy and darker coloured products.

Heliaflor® 55 - additional CO2 extraction of this product variant reduces the fat content and simultaneously increases the protein content of the final product. This process leads to a higher fat binding capacity and a slightly weaker water binding capacity. This makes the product highly functional. Heliaflor® 55 is beige in colour and has a relatively neutral taste. It is particularly suitable for products which tolerate minimal off-flavour and little foreign colouring.

Heliaflor® 50 HO has a higher residual fat content, yet it has a considerable water-binding capacity: 100 g bind at least 160 g water. Its high stability makes it very interesting for basic applications in the food industry.

Heliaflor® Extrufix 50 HO is particularly suitable for further processing such as extrusion.

All Heliaflor® variants can basically be combined not only with each other but also with other binders. Please call us for details and further explanation.

  • Protein from organic sunflower seeds
  • 100% organic and wholefood
  • Binder with emulsifying effect
  • Consistency enhancer and stabiliser
  • Protein and fibre rich
  • Low Carb and Low Fat
  • High quality polyphenols
  • B vitamins and especially rich in folic acid
  • Vegan
  • Gluten-free flour substitute
  • Food supplement
  • Application in cold and warm emulsions