Research with Heliflor® sunflowerprotein

Reserch Papers

Technological Characterization of Pumpkin protein and Development of Application Samples
Lina-Marie Kirchberg (Hochschule Albstadt-Sigmaringen, 2018)
Extraction and Processing of Sunflower Protein in Milk Products
Waltraud Baumgärtner (Hochschule Albstadt-Sigmaringen, 2018)
Optimization of the Production Process of Sunflower Protein Isolate by Application of Chlorogenic Acid splitting Enzymes
Anja Schmid (Hochschule Furtwangen, 2017)
Protein Preparation by Filtration
Raphael Bosch, Marco Zadera (Hochschule Furtwangen, 2017)Extraction and Processing
of Pumpkin proteins from Organic Pumpkin Seed Presscake
Antonia Kühnl (Hochschule Albstadt-Sigmaringen, 2017)
Quantitative Determination of Chlorogenic and Caffeic Acid in Sunflower Flour with the help of HPLC
Alisa Berger (Hochschule Furtwangen, 2017)
Optimization of the first Processing Step of the Extraction Process of Sunflower Protein Isolate
Marc Schmidt (Hochschule Furtwangen, 2017)
Scale-up of the Extraction Process of Sunflower Protein Isolate
Anja Schmid, Lukas Kaminski (Hochschule Furtwangen, 2016)Optimizing of the isolation
of Sunflower Proteins from Organic Oil Press Cake

Benita Meßmer (Hochschule Albstadt-Sigmaringen, 2016)
Production of Sunflower Proteins from Sunflower Presscake and subsequent processing into Sunflower Tofu
Svenja Herzog (University of Applied Sciences Albstadt-Sigmaringen, 2015)
Winner Research Award Organic Food Economy 2016
Sunflower Protein in gluten-free bread
Nadine Zachert (Universität Hohenheim, 2015)
Using Heliaflor® in whole wheat bread
Sarah Moll (University Hohenheim, 2015)
Beverages and milk products
Miss Grabherr (University of Applied Sciences Albstadt-Sigmaringen,2015)
Developing a fruit bar with regional ingredients.
Andrea Spickenreuther & Thomas Wagner (Beuth HS Berlin, 2014)
Practical working conditions for meat and sausage products
Jessica Endemann (Beuth HS Berlin, 2014)
Practical working conditions for bakery products
Miriam el Damarty (University of Applied Sciences Albstadt-Sigmaringen, 2013/14), Sarah Moll (Universität Hohenheim, 2015)
Chemical und physical characterisation of sunflower proteins & comparison with other sources of protein.
Jasmin Schneele (University of Applied Sciences Albstadt-Sigmaringen, 2013) und Miriam el Damarty