Mill to shell sunflower seeds

Heliaflor® sunflower protein production

Hulled organic sunflower seeds are partially de-fatted by special cold pressing, a patented process. The sunflowerseed press cake resulting from the process is then finely ground under exclusion of oxygen in a special temperature-controlled and product-friendly process (kryonert®). This production technology prevents the destruction of valuable ingredients. The complete process takes place in Germany. The production of Heliaflor®55 requires an additional processing step on top of Heliaflor®45. Before the final fine grinding, CO2 extraction is used to reduce fat and at the same time increase the protein content in the final product.

  • organic sunflower seeds from EU agriculture
  • sustainable use of production resources
  • GMO-free cultivation areas
  • gentle kyonert® production technology
  • physical processes to preserve the native protein
  • preservation of important plant compounds such as polyphenols
  • no use of chemical additives
  • free from solvents