Heliaflor® Cereal Pur, from sunflower protein, organic by All Organic Treasures

Heliaflor® Sunflower Extrudates

Heliaflor® Cereals are made from sunflower protein and rice flour. Besides their slightly nutty flavour, they also stand out for their pleasantly light sweetness. This makes Heliaflor® Cereals the perfect ingredient for cereals and snacks.

To produce Heliaflor® Cereals, sunflower protein and rice flour are first mixed with water to form a doughy mass. The paste is heated in an extruder and conveyed through a transport pipe under high pressure. When the heated mass exits the tube, it expands ("pops up") and forms its characteristic shape.

Sunflower Mince®, which is made from 100% sunflower protein, is characterised by its spicy nutty taste. Its shape and structure make it the ideal minced meat substitute in dishes such as bolognese, lasagne or chilli sin carne.

Heliaflor® Grits contain 100% sunflower protein. The small mini extrudates are suitable as a protein-rich topping for muesli bars or salads, for example, as breadcrumbs and as panko.