Sunflowerhachebolognese from sunflower protein

This absolute product innovation enriches the menu of the vegetable diet! The organic vegetable protein extrudate, made from 100% sunflower protein, impresses with its spicy nutty taste. Its shape and structure make it the ideal minced meat substitute in dishes such as bolognese, lasagne or chilli sin carne.
There are 2 variants: Sunflower MINCE and Sunflower MINCE 50 HO.

To produce the sunflower mince, sunflower protein Heliaflor® Extrufix D is first mixed with water to form a doughy mass. The mass is heated in an extruder and conveyed through a transport pipe under high pressure. When the heated sunflower protein mass exits the tube, it expands ("pops up") and forms its characteristic shape.

The sunflower mince can be processed dry and wet, which opens up a wide range of applications in the wholefood and meat-free kitchen. In dry form, the sunflower mince can be used as an ingredient for the production of protein-rich bars. Preparation of a vegan meat substitute: briefly soak the sunflower mince in lukewarm water or lukewarm vegetable stock. Drain the wet sunflower mince in a sieve and then process as required. 100 g sunflower mince will bind approx. 250 g water. 40 g of sunflower mince can thus replace approx. 150 g of minced meat.

Compared to meat, sunflower mince has significant advantages that contribute to a healthy and balanced diet: fewer calories, a lower fat content and no cholesterol. The protein content of the meat-free varieties is also impressive: 350 g of organic minced beef contain an average of 70 g of protein. The protein content of the corresponding amount of replacement - 100 g of sunflower minced meat is about 51 g. The purely vegetable meat substitute thus makes a significant contribution to the daily protein supply.

Special features at a glance:

High quality meat substitute
Ingredient for high protein bars and snacks
Protein-rich supplement for organic meat products
100 % organic sunflower protein
High protein content with at least 51 % protein
Less calories compared to meat, almost fat-free and cholesterol-free
Enrichment of the vegetable menu
contributing to a healthy and balanced diet

We produce the SunflowerHack exclusively for our partner SunflowerFamily GmbH.

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