Development of the StoppOx® Antioxidant Blends

We have developed our range of antioxidants to protect our vegetable oils and fats from oxidation. Furthermore, we want to offer customers additional protection for the fatty acids in their formulations.
We only use natural raw materials, of course. We studied the antioxidant potential of a wide variety of plants and in the end we found the perfect mixture for both applications.

Our raw materials are based on the plants hops, rice, sunflower and rosemary. We have researched the optimal mixture for our customers in oxidation studies. Through more than 120 analyses we finally found the right mixture and concentration for the optimal extended shelf life.

Your raw materials (vegetable oils / fats / lipophilic extracts) usually have different prerequisites which enhance oxidation or possibly even protect against it. Refined oils are basically defenceless and oxidise rapidly. Unrefined oils, on the other hand, still carry the plant protection within them, although they do oxidise over time as they are no longer bound in the original plant matrix. In the end, the correct dosage is essential.

One of the main reasons for our intensive research is that your end product must have a shelf life of 30 months according to BfR standard. Unfortunately, many cosmetic products fail to meet this requirement. With our products, when applied correctly, you can achieve this goal.
Our customers have been working with our system for years to achieve the highest level of safety for their end products.

StoppOx® Lipid - suitable for vegetable oils and fats to protect against rapid oxidation.
StoppOx® Emulsion - suitable for O/W and W/O emulsions to protect the fatty acids in your formulation.