Stability of cashewkernel oil

In a Rancimat test*, the oxidation stability of oils and fats is determined. Here, oxidation is accelerated by increasing the temperature and continuously passing air through the oil - the oil is sort of "aged" in a time lapse. The fatty acid molecules in the sample are oxidised and the resulting oxidation products are measured via conductivity.

Our odourless refined organic cashew seed oil shows a particularly high stability. It is even more stable than cold-pressed almond oil, which is one of the most stable oils in cosmetics after jojoba oil. Compared to a refined sunflower oil, it shows a 2.6-fold higher oxidation stability, which is why it has a shelf life of 24 months when stored correctly.
With an addition of our antioxidant StoppOx® Lipid of 0,5% even +30 months are possible. We recommend the oil for sensitive formulations which, for example, have a high proportion of unsaturated fatty acids or easily oxidisable ingredients.
Very suitable for products in recycled plastic packaging, because these are not permanently impervious to atmospheric oxygen compared to packaging made of glass or aluminium. Particularly recommended for formulations that are filled in high-quality jars, as much more atmospheric oxygen reaches the larger surface of the product during daily opening than, for example, in tube fillings. Also our refined organic cashew seed oil is excellently suited for use in light-exposed skin care products.