Lavender macerate from All Organic Treasures

Macerates and extract oils

Maceration is a very old physical process to dissolve volatile or unstable ingredients from vegetable raw materials. We have an ever increasing range of macerates, such as St. John's wort macerate, which is exclusively produced by the company hegema, or lavender flower macerate.

Through our fresh plant maceration we achieve the maximum active ingredient profile, but also our maceration with dried plants brings out great macerates. The impeccable quality of the base oil and the plant itself is, besides the maceration itself, an important factor. The maceration must be fast, oxygen-free and low in germs to avoid microbiological contamination. For all macerations we recommend dark and cool storage to maintain the product quality.

Our innovative maceration for fresh plant macerates includes
-Under exclusion of oxygen -> low peroxide number
-Harvest freshness -> from field to production in 10 minutes
-Maximum amount of active ingredient -> individual production method depending on plant species
(e.g.: with St. John's wort oil the influence of natural sun is indispensable)

The variety of macerates brings endless possibilities for use:

Aloe vera oil macerate
smoothing and moisturising
Arnica macerate
Relieves tension, bruises, contusions, etc., and promotes wound healing.
Calendula mazerate dry
Nourishing, anti-inflammatory, wound-healing and antibacterial
Chamomile macerate
Anti-inflammatory, soothing and antibacterial
Carrot macerate
Smoothing, firming, protective and antioxidant
CBD Oil Gold
For irritated and stressed skin
Hemp leaf macerate
combines the anti-inflammatory and soothing properties
Hibiscus flower macerate
mucilage and has an anti-irritant effect
Lavender flower macerate dry
Anti-irritant, protective, skin strengthening and antioxidant
Nettle macerate
Promotes blood circulation, soothing
Mallow macerate - the baby oil -
Anti-inflammatory, wound-healing, nourishing, antibacterial and smoothing. For sensitive skin
St. John's wort macerate
Muscle-relaxing, wound-healing, anti-inflammatory, circulation-enhancing and antibacterial