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Tailor-made AOT mixtures for your cosmetic products

Our StoppOx® series has an above-average performance and at the same time is a sustainable and natural product for your natural cosmetics. With the effective blend of 3 different and natural antioxidants, we achieve a high antioxidant potential (AO) and a long duration of action. The active ingredients have been tested by EPR (electron paramagnetic resonance) spectroscopic measurements and the performance of the StoppOx® products by stability tests.

Oxidation - Our solution against oxidation

You can solve this problem by using our natural antioxidants and extend the shelf life of your products in a natural way.

Your advantages at a glance:
- Extend the minimum shelf life and thus the product safety
- Environmentally friendly, sustainable and natural products
- Protection of all active ingredients from decay
- Effective even at very low dosage
- Special product range for individual formulations

Tailor-made AOT mixtures for your cosmetic products

With StoppOx®, AOT has developed a synergetic system to ensure maximum freshness, stability and safety.
This schematic representation shows the duration of action of StoppOx® based on stability studies.

Duration of action of StoppOx an antioxidant