Discover our innovative and natural antioxidants for your natural cosmetics and food products.
Our modern, high quality and sustainably produced StoppOx® antioxidant range reduces the formation of irritants
and thus also increases the minimum shelf life of your natural cosmetic products.

Oxidation - your challenge

Solve this problem by using our natural antioxidants and extend the shelf life of your products in a natural way.

All advantages at a glance:
- Extend the minimum shelf life and thus the product safety
- Environmentally friendly, sustainable and natural products
- Protection of all active ingredients from decay
- Effective even at very low dosage
- Special product range for individual formulations

Our Antioxidant Blends

Our tailor-made Antioxidant Blends have an above-average performance and are at the same time sustainable and natural products for your natural cosmetics. By combining different and natural antioxidants, we achieve a high antioxidant potential (AO) and a long duration of action. The active ingredients were measured with EPR (electron paramagnetic resonance) spectroscopy and the performance of the products through stability tests.

Duration of action of StoppOx an antioxidant

Our range of antioxidants

StopOx in comparison