Sales & Customer Service

We look forward to your enquiries via or phone: +49 (0)8370 922 80-0

Sales Team at All Organic Treasures
Head of department Franziska Breisinger
Management and Vera Stark
Contact Cosmetics  
Contact Food Aynur Gazelci
Customer service Maria Vazquez-Boo
  Ulrike Berger
  Timo Hoyer



Offers and queries via or phone: +49 (0)8370 922 80-0

Purchasing Team at All Organic Treasures
Head of procurement Carsten Richter
Purchasing Manuela Schleuter
Production Planning Erna Rieder
  Christine Engel
Production Planning Giancarlo Gennaro

Quality assurance

If you have any questions about our quality please contact qualitä or phone: +49 (0)8370 922 80-0

Quality Assurance Team at All Organic Treasures
Head of quality assurance Thomas Schwarz
Quality assurance Andrea Held
Laborarory Nina Schmitt
QM und R & D Daniela Molzahn

Warehouse and internal production

All questions regarding logistics and delivery or phone: +49 (0)8370 922 80-0

Warehous Team at All Organic Treasures
Warehouse management Arnd Schleuter  
  Sonja Nagel Felix Bernhard
  Roland Fuchsluger Julito Ho
  Andreas Huber Chukwuyere Awanah
  Nemer Arzouni Luca Pasternak
  Matthias Frisinghelli  
Production management Boris Zboralsky  


Administration and application

Please send general questions to or phone: +49 (0)8370 922 80-0 and invoices to
Applications to

Back Office at All Organic Treasues
Management Nicole Breisinger Service Dorothea Kauf
      Michaela Anders
Administration Ingeborg Dopfer   Edith Maier
  Nicole Leiner   Marlene Burger-Breisinger
  Manfred Knoll    
  Lilian Kunert Apprentices Selina Sterk
  Vivienne Heilgemeier   Lena Weixler
  Fabian Kirchmann   Philipp Mader