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Helianthus Annuus Seed Oil / α - Tocopherol / β - Tocopherol / γ - Tocopherol / δ - Tocopherol


8001-21-6 / 59-02-9 / 16698-35-4 / 54-28-4 / 119-13-1

Composition / Ingredients

Total tocopherol mg/g > 700
α - Tocopherol mg/g < 600 - 650
β - Tocopherol mg/g < 0,5 - 30
γ - Tocopherol mg/g 5 - 50
δ - Tocopherol mg/g 1 - 20

Shelf life

At least 36 months

Available quality

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Packaging / Container

Available from 1 kg
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StoppOx® Toco 70 Sun alpha, Mixed Tocopherols


Tocopherol refers to various vitamin E derivatives, fat-soluble substances obtained from vegetable oils. They are usually referred to as "mixed tocopherols" because they contain all four forms of tocopherol. These mixed tocopherols help support the freshness and shelf life of products/oils and are a good alternative to synthetic antioxidants.
Our StoppOx® Toco 70 Sun alpha, Mixed Tocopherols has over 60% α-tocopherol content, is reddish brown in colour and is derived from GMO free sunflower oil. The mixed tocopherol content in the product is set at 70%. Our StoppOx® Toco 70 Sun alpha can be stored for at least 36 months.

Focus on ingredients

Contains minimum 60 % α – Tocopherol.

Application food supplements

StoppOx® Toco 70 Sun alpha is permitted as a food additive for the production of foods and food supplements.
Vitamin E is relatively stable against heat. Even after heating up to 180 °C for several hours (e.g. during deep-frying), losses remained in the range of 15 %-60 %. All eight vitamin E isomers have a clearly positive influence against the formation of undesired oxidation products. The lower the temperature and the shorter the heating, the more vitamin E is retained.
Recommended dosage: 0.1 - 1.0 %.

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