tocopherol bio


8001-21-6 / 59-02-9 / 16698-35-4 / 54-28-4 / 119-13-1

Composition / Ingredients

Total tocopherol mg/g > 700
α - Tocopherol mg/g < 140
β - Tocopherol mg/g < 70
γ - Tocopherol mg/g 350 - 490
δ - Tocopherol mg/g 70 – 210

Shelf life

At least 36 months

Packaging / Container

Available from 1 kg
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StoppOx® Toco 70 Soy

Product-Description of StoppOx® Toco 70 Soy

Tocopherol refers to various vitamin E derivatives, fat-soluble substances obtained from vegetable oils. They are commonly referred to as "mixed tocopherols" because they contain all four forms of tocopherol. These mixed tocopherols help to support product/oil freshness and shelf life and are a good alternative to synthetic antioxidants. Our StoppOx® Toco 70 Soy is reddish brown and is extracted from GMO-free soybean oil. After extraction, the Tocopherol is purified and blended with sunflower oil, adjusting the Tocopherol content in the product to 70%. Our StoppOx® Toco 70 Soy can be stored for at least 36 months.

Application food supplements of StoppOx® Toco 70 Soy

StoppOx® Toco 70 Soy is permitted as a food additive for the manufacture of foods and food supplements.
Vitamin E is relatively stable against heat. Even after heating up to 180 °C for several hours (e.g. during deep-frying), losses remained in the range of 15 %-60 %. All eight vitamin E isomers have a clearly positive influence against the formation of undesired oxidation products. The lower the temperature and the shorter the heating, the more vitamin E is retained.
Recommended dosage: 0.1 - 1.0 %.

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