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Protein content at least 80%
Dietary fibre content 2-5%
Fat content less than 6%
Carbohydrates 10-16%

High percentage of essential amino acids

Shelf life

>24 months

Available quality


Packaging / Container

available from 20 kg

Rice protein 80 white, organic

Description of the product

The beige-white rice flour has a typical smell and taste.
The extraction of starch by the wet milling process, separation, comminution and drying produces an excellent product with up to 80% protein content.

Application food

A remarkable feature of this product is its high protein content, which makes it particularly interesting as a dietary supplement and for sports nutrition. Rice protein is suitable for gluten-free and vegan nutrition and is also soya- and lactose-free. The protein has a mild taste and can be used in bars and snacks, baked goods and pasta, drinks and shakes as well as in vegan ice cream.
Vegan/vegetarian nutrition
Meat alternatives
Bars & Cereals
Fitness products
Food supplement

Easily digestible.

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