pistazienkernöl bio





Composition / Ingredients

Oleic acid: 41 - 59 %
Linoleic acid: 22 - 39 %
Palmitic acid: 5 - 16 %

Shelf life

At least 18 months

Packaging / Container

Available from 1 kg
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Pistachio kernel oil, organic


Pistachio Kernel Oil cold pressed, organic is a dark green oil with a slightly nutty flavour and a high content of oleic acid and linoleic acid. Our Pistachio Kernel Oil is certified Organic and Kosher. It can be stored for at least 18 months.

Application food supplements

Pistachio Kernel Oil organic is ideal for refining a variety of dishes . The nutty flavour adds a special note to sweet as well as spicy dishes. The oil should not be heated strongly to preserve the valuable ingredients and the aroma.

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