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Papaver Somniferum Seed Oil



Composition / Ingredients

Palmitic acid: 4-12 %
Oleic acid: 14-30 %
Linoleic acid: 60-80 %

Shelf life

At least 15 months

Packaging / Container

Available from 1 kg
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Poppy seed oil, organic

Product-Description of Poppy seed oil, organic

Our supplier for the organic poppy oil is based in Turkey. There, the poppy plants are cultivated organically and the organic poppy oil is produced in food quality. The seeds are rich in fat and are cold-pressed. The machines needed for this must be finely divided and particularly dense in order to be able to capture the small seeds.
Each batch is carefully analysed for pesticides, plasticisers and any morphine content, in accordance with legal requirements. Our organic poppy oil is of food quality and thus meets a very high standard.Originally, the opium poppy Papaver somnifera comes from the Mediterranean region, it belongs to the poppy family and has light, blue or black seeds depending on the variety. The poppy has been known as a cultivated and medicinal plant for thousands of years. Because of the anaesthetic effect of the milky juice in the leaves, stems and capsules - not in the ripe seeds - the poppy has a long history within medicine. In many countries, the cultivation of poppies is therefore strictly regulated. Low-alkaloid poppy varieties are used for the production of food or cosmetics in order to exclude impurities.
We know poppy seeds from desserts and pastries: What would the Germknödel be without the dark poppy seeds? However, the seeds of the poppy plant can not only be used to create tasty foods, but also to produce a cosmetic oil. In English, poppy seed oil is called by the beautiful name "Poppy Seed Oil". It supports the skin barrier and feels pleasantly light on the skin - and is worth discovering for many skin types.
Our Poppy Seed Oil, organic has a light yellowish colour and smells delicately sweet and nutty. It is BIO, COSMOS and KOSHER certified and NATRUE compliant. It can be stored for at least 15 months.

Application food supplements of Poppy seed oil, organic

Poppy Seed Oil is used to refine desserts, mueslis and salads. Because of its high content of unsaturated linoleic acid, virgin poppy seed oil should not be used for baking and frying.

Selected organic projects

Sustainability plays a crucial role for AOT. From the very beginning, we have focused on organic farming. It protects the climate, ensures soil fertility and protects the environment. Synthetic fertilisers and pesticides are not used.
Of course, the poppy plants of our supplier in Turkey are cultivated organically and the organic poppy oil is gently cold-pressed.
You can find out more about the sustainable orientation of our company here.

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