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Composition / Ingredients

Protein content approx. 24
Fibre content approx. 20%
Fat content approx. 11.5%
Carbohydrate content approx. 33.4%

Shelf life

at least 18 months

Packaging / Container

Available from 20 kg
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Macadamia flour, organic

Description of the oil

Our organic Macadamia flour is made from 100% fine macadamia nuts and is characterised by its slightly nutty flavour, which allows a wide range of applications. It has a high content of the minerals potassium, magnesium and phosphorus. Macadamia flour is suitable for vegan diets and is also gluten-, lactose- and soy-free.
The white-beige Macadamia flour has a typical smell and taste. It can be stored for at least 18 months.
Blanched Macadamia nuts, organic of the Macadamia Integrifolia species, are partially de-fatted by mechanical pressing. The obtained raw protein is then finely ground by using Kryonert® technology. The entire production process takes place in Germany.


The cashew tree, which is native to Brazil, is also called kidney tree. Since the 1970s, the majority of cashew kernels have been produced in African countries. Gebana Afrique is a pioneer in the processing of raw cashew nuts in Burkina Faso. Since the first contacts with farmers in 2000, the activity has grown steadily. The laborious processing is done 100% by hand, while in other production regions the transformation of cashew is a semi-industrial process. Today, gebana Afrique transforms 850 tons of raw cashew into 150 tons of cashew nuts every year.
gebana Afrique's economic activities generate income for thousands of families in Burkina Faso, one of the poorest countries in the world. By investing in the existing infrastructure, gebana is linked to the farmers in the long term and shares all risks that could affect production.

Application food supplements

With its unique and nutty taste, it can be used e.g. for the production of small power balls or bars together with dried fruits, added to mueslis, smoothies and protein shakes or serve as a base for the preparation of vegan ice cream.
Vegan/vegetarian diet
Pastry & Baked Goods
Bars & Cereals
Fitness products
Food supplements

Organic premium cultivation

Sustainability is a priority for AOT. From the very beginning we have focused on organic farming. It protects the climate, ensures soil fertility and preserves the environment. Synthetic fertilizers and pesticides are not used. Naturally the macadamia trees of our cultivation partner are farmed in a controlled organic process.

With our organic Macadamia flour, we support small-scale farming structures in Kenya. Our Fair-For-Life-certified cultivation partner offers agricultural training for the small farmers as well as support in the medical field and is involved in schools and  waste disposal projects. This strengthens the local infrastructure so that the smallholders and their families do not have to migrate to the slums in Nairobi.
Find out more about the sustainable orientation of our company here.

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