heliaflor® cereal pur bio
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Protein content at least 40%
Dietary fibre content 15-18%
fat content 1-4%
Carbohydrates 24-27%

Shelf life

12-23 months

Available quality

Heliaflor® Cereal pure, organic
Heliaflor® Cereal choco, organic

Packaging / Container

available from 20 kg

Heliaflor®Cereal pure, organic

Description of the product

The Heliaflor®Cereal pure are unique! The product is an absolute innovation and is made from approx. 75% sunflower protein and approx. 25% rice flour. In addition to its slightly nutty flavor, it is characterized by its sweetness. This makes Heliaflor®Cereals the perfect ingredient for cereals and snacks. The optimal healthy and protein-rich snack for in between meals!
To make Heliaflor®Cereals, sunflower protein and rice flour are first mixed with water to form a doughy mass. The mass is heated in an extruder and conveyed under high pressure through a transport pipe. When the heated mass exits the tube, it expands ("pops up") and forms its characteristic shape.

Application food

Heliaflor®Cereals are ideal as an ingredient for breakfast cereals. They not only enrich the morning cereal with high-quality protein, but also give it a special bite. Thanks to their special structure, they remain crunchy in liquid for up to 10 minutes and do not soften immediately. So you can enjoy your morning muesli in peace and quiet!
The cereals are also ideal as an ingredient for making protein-rich bars and snacks. Together with chocolate coating, coconut oil and various nuts, seeds and dried fruits brought into shape, they make a high-quality snack for in-between.

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