hanfprotein bio



Composition / Ingredients

Protein content approx. 49-66 %
Fiber content approx. 8-25 %
Fat content approx. 2-18 %
Carbohydrate content approx. 2-9 %

Balanced amino acid profile

Shelf life

at least 18 months

Available quality

Hemp protein 50, organic
Hemp protein 70, organic

Packaging / Container

Available from 20 kg
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Hemp protein 50/70, organic

Description of the oil

The green-brown Hemp Protein organic has a typical smell and flavour. It is available in two qualities:
Our Hemp Protein 50 is made of 100 % organic hemp seeds and is not only characterized by its high protein content of about 50%, but also by its balanced amino acid profile.
Our Organic Hemp Protein 70, organic has a protein content of about 70% with a significantly lower fat content.
The organic hemp seeds are peeled, mechanically pressed and ground to flour. Finally a heat treatment takes place. Our Hemp Protein is certified Organic, Kosher and EcoVeg. It can be stored for at least 18 months.

Application food supplements

Its product-typical taste makes  Hemp Protein suitable for a variety of applications. It is particularly popular for enriching protein-shakes, smoothies or bars. Other applications include baked goods, where it can replace up to 25 % of  flour.

Vegan/vegetarian nutrition
Bread & Pastries
Fitness products
Food supplement

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