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Protein content approx. 5.8%
Dietary fibre content approx. 64.3%
Fat content approx. 2.1%
Carbohydrates approx. 16.4%

Rich in vitamin C, pectins, fruit acids, tanning agents and carotionoids

Shelf life

12-23 months

Packaging / Container

available from 20kg

Rosehip powder, organic

Description of the product

The reddish to brown Rosehip Powder organic has a typical smell and flavour. It consists of a blend of 50% rosehip flour and 50% ground rosehip husks. The organic rosehip seeds are partially degreased. Afterwards, the obtained raw protein is finely ground together with the rosehip husks under exclusion of oxygen by means of kryonert® technology (special temperature-controlled and product-friendly process). Our Roship Powder is certified Organic, Kosher and EcoVeg and can be stored at least 18 months.
The entire production takes place in Germany.

Application food

Jam, tea, oil - these rosehip products are well known. Rosehip Powder is a novelty, which is considered to have a major positive effect on health.In addition to its high fibre content, it contains a significant amount of the antioxidant vitamin C, which, among other things, counteracts the formation of free radicals. Organic rose hip powder can be used in a variety of ways:
Vegan/vegetarian diet
Fitness products
Food supplement

Organic premium cultivation

We purchase our rosehip kernels from a privately owned Bulgarian family business which has specialised in the production and export of high-quality organic products for more than ten years.
Please read a report about our partner.

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