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Protein content 15-20%
Dietary fibre content 67-72%
Fat content 1-15%
Carbohydrates 14-17%

Shelf life

> 24 months

Packaging / Container

available from 20 kg

Pomegranate flour, organic

Description of the product

The beige-brown organic Pomegranate Flour has a typical smell and taste. It is made from 100 % pomegranate seeds. In addition to its protein content, it is characterised by its very high content of valuable dietary fibre. Our Pomegranate Flour is Organic, Kosher and EcoVeg certified and can be stored for at least 24 months.
The entire production takes place in Germany.

Application food

The pomegranate is now used in a wide variety of foods and is an established part of our product range.

Vegan/vegetarian nutrition
Bars & Cereals
Fitness products
Food supplement

Organic premium cultivation

On 400 hectares of pomegranate orchards grow the organically certified pomegranates for our high-quality pomegranate seed oil and pomegranate flour.
Read a report on the processing of pomegranates.

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