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Punica Granatum Seed Oil




Palmitic acid: 2-5 %
Oleic acid: 3-10 %
Linoleic acid: 3-10 %
Conjugated fatty acids: 65-86 %
Thereof punicinic acid: min. 60%

Shelf life

12-23 months

Available quality

cold pressed, organic

Packaging / Container

available from 4,5 kg

Pomegranate kernel oil, organic

Description of the product

The certified organic pomegranates for our high-quality pomegranate kernel oil grow on 400 hectares in Azerbaijan. We have had pomegranate kernel oil in our product range for over ten years, long before it was trendy. It is cold pressed mechanically by us from the dried and cleaned seeds of the Punica Granatum pomegranate.
Originally, the pomegranate comes from southwestern Asia. The pomegranate orchards of our cultivation partner are also located there. Since ancient times, the pomegranate has been considered a symbol of fertility and also power because of its many kernels.
Today, the pomegranate is trendy as a superfood. Our pomegranate kernel oil is also at the forefront of the sustainable trend "Upcycling Beauty": the kernels for our oil are a by-product of the production of organic pomegranate juice. By producing pomegranate kernel oil from them, the pomegranate kernels experience a valuable upcycling.

Our pomegranate kernel oil is ORGANIC and KOSHER certified. The oil can be stored for at least 18 months.

Active ingrediens

The focus of pomegranate kernel oil organic is a rare omega-5 fatty acid -punicic acid. This active ingredient is contained in our pomegranate kernel oil at a level of over 60%.
In combination with the flavonoids, polyphenols and phytohormones which are also contained, the oil has extraordinary antioxidant properties.

Application food

Organic pomegranate kernel oil is used to refine and enhance desserts, mueslis or smoothies. In combination with other oils, it adds an exotic note to salads and vegetable dishes. Pomegranate kernel oil is also offered as a food supplement in capsules.

Organic premium cultivation

Sustainability plays a crucial role for AOT. From the very beginning, we have focused on organic farming. It protects the climate, ensures soil fertility and protects the environment. Synthetic fertilizers and pesticides are not used. It goes without saying that the pomegranate orchards of our cultivation partner are also managed in a controlled organic manner.
You can find out more about the sustainable orientation of our company here.

Much more than a trend for us is also the use of by-products from food production. The pomegranate kernels used for our pomegranate kernel oil are produced during juice production.

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