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EU organic


Protein content min. 55%
Fiber content approx. 12%.
Fat content approx. 4%.
Carbohydrates ca. 11%

Essential amino acids (lysine)
Magnesium and phosphorus

Shelf life

>24 months

Packaging / Container

20 kg paper bag

Fava bean protein 55, organic

Description of the product

The yellow-beige fava bean protein has a typical smell and taste.
Organic fava bean protein is made from 100% fresh fava beans (also called field beans). In addition to its valuable protein and essential amino acids, it is characterized above all by its content of the minerals magnesium and phosphorus.
The organic fava beans (variety: Kontu) are peeled and ground to flour, the protein content is enriched by air separation. The shelf life is more than 24 months and is certified organic, kosher and EcoVeg certified.

Application food supplements

The fine, yellow-beige powder has a high functionality (emulsifying capacity, water and fat binding, foam formation and stability) and therefore a wide range of applications. These include meat replacement products, vegan ice cream, soups, sauces and beverages.
Since it is an unheated legume protein, heating is necessary in any case during further processing!

Vegan/vegetarian nutrition
Cheese alternatives
Meat alternatives
Bars & Cereals
Fitness products
Food supplement

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