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Protein content at least 30%
Dietary fibre content 7-12%
Fat content 14-19%
Carbohydrate content 25-30%

High content of magnesium, iron and zinc

Shelf life

> 24 months

Packaging / Container

available from 10 kg

Cashew flour, organic

Description of the product

Our organic Cashew Flour is made from 100% fine cashew nuts and is characterized by its slightly nutty aroma, which makes it very versatile. Besides its protein content, it has a high proportion of the minerals magnesium, iron and zinc. Cashew Flour is suitable for vegan nutrition and is also gluten, lactose and soy free.
The whitish Cashew Flour has a typical smell and flavour.
The organic cashew kernels are partially degreased by CO2-extraction. The raw protein obtained is then finely ground under exclusion of oxygen using kryonert® technology (special temperature-controlled and product-friendly process).
The entire production takes place in Germany.

Application food

Slightly toasted and mixed with yeast flakes and dried Italian herbs, Cashew Flour becomes the perfect vegan Parmesan substitute for delicious pasta dishes. It also adds a special flavour to sweet preparations like desserts or fruity smoothies. Further areas of application are:

Vegan/vegetarian diet
Meat alternatives
Bread & Pastries
Bars & Cereals
Fitness products
Food supplement

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