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COSMOS approved
NATRUE approved


Ascorbyl Palmitate



Shelf life

At least 24 months

Available quality

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Packaging / Container

Available from 1 kg
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StoppOx®AP – Ascorbyl Palmitate


StoppOx®AP is a source of vitamin C and is produced by the esterification of ascorbic acid with palmitic acid. It is white to white-light yellowish powder, odourless and the raw material from which it is made is coconut. StoppOx®AP has a shelf life of at least 24 months and is COSMOS and NATRUE approved.

Application cosmetics

In contrast to pure ascorbyl acid, StoppOx®AP - Ascorbyl Palmitate is fat-soluble and is often used to protect products. However, StoppOx® AP is not just an antioxidant. It has the same physiological activity as vitamin C, can have an anti-inflammatory effect, reduce melanin, promote collagen synthesis and can be used to treat sunburn, pigment spots or acne. Furthermore, it can reduce wrinkles, brighten the skin and positively affect the elasticity of the skin. StoppOx®AP is therefore used in many cosmetic products: lotions, anti-aging products, sun protection creams, make-ups, shampoos and much more.

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