sauerkirschkern öl


COSMOS certified
NATRUE conform


Prunus Cerasus Seed Oil



Composition / Ingredients

Palmitoleic acid: 4 - 9 %
Oleic acid: 30 - 50 %
Linoleic acid: 33 - 58 %

Shelf life

At least 18 months

Packaging / Container

Available from 1 kg
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Sour cherry kernel oil, organic

Product-Description of Sour cherry kernel oil, organic

The yellow Sour Cherry Kernel Oil, organic has a fine bitter almond scent. It is characterised by a high content of oleic acid and linoleic acid. Due to the gentle cold pressing, the valuable ingredients are preserved during the oil extraction. Our Sour Cherry Kernel Oil is ORGANIC, COSMOS and KOSHER certified as well as NATRUE conform. It can be stored for at least 18 months.

Application cosmetics of Sour cherry kernel oil, organic

Sour Cherry Kernel Oil organic with its high content of linoleic acid supports the moisture regulation of the skin and has a strengthening and protective effect. It is ideal for mature, dry or inflamed skin. Sour Cherry Kernel Oil is used in creams, lotions and oil mixtures. The delicate marzipan aroma is particularly suitable for skin care lines for the winter months.

Selected organic projects

Much more than a trend for us is also the use of by-products from food production. The Sour Cherry kernels used for our Sour Cherry Kernel Oil are produced during dried fruit and jam production. In the social media and also in market research institutes, this is referred to as "upcycling beauty": effective and at the same time ecological cosmetic active ingredients are obtained from by-products in this way.

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