COSMOS certified


Palmitic acid



Composition / Ingredients

Myristic acid and below < 2,0%
Palmitic acid > 95%
Stearic acid < 2,0%

Shelf life

At least 24 months

Available quality


Packaging / Container

Available from 1kg

Palmitic acid, COS, Organic

Product-Description of Palmitic acid, COS, Organic

Palmitic acid, COS, organic are white odourless and solid flakes. The acid is extracted without further additives from cold-pressed linseed oil by high-vacuum distillation and subsequent thermal fractionation of the fatty acids (= purely physical process). It is COSMOS certified and has a shelf life of at least 24 months in its original container.

Application cosmetics of Palmitic acid, COS, Organic

Palmitic acid belongs to the saturated fatty acids and is a component of the skin barrier. It can make the skin feel supple and smooth and moisturise the skin. The ingredient is particularly suitable for dry and mature skin due to its refatting properties and has a skin-protecting effect. Due to its surfactant-emulsifying effect, palmitic acid is an important ingredient in shampoos, shower gels and soaps. Palmitic acid is also used in shaving gel, shaving foam, shaving cream, mascara and in products that require moisturising or shower skin care. Palmitic acid is also often used as a consistency agent.

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