kpagnanbutter kosmetik


COSMOS approved
NATRUE approved





Composition / Ingredients

Stearic acid: 40-60 %
Oleic acid: 35-55 %
Linoleic acid: 0,5-2 %

Shelf life

At least 18 months

Packaging / Container

Available from 5 kg
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Kpangnan Butter

Product-Description of Kpangnan Butter

Kpangnan Butter, also known as Golden Shea Butter, is light yellow and has a mild nutty, slightly earthy typical smell. The Pentadesma butyracea tree, from which the fruit comes, mostly grows in West Africa in the savannah. The butter is pronounced "pan-ya". The nuts are roasted, mechanically pressed and then filtered. Our Kpangnan Butter is COSMOS and NATRUE approved, Kosher and can be stored for at least 18 months.

Application cosmetics of Kpangnan Butter

Kpangnan Butter has similar benefits as shea butter. It is often used in cosmetics as a film former, consistency enhancer and softener.

Selected organic projects

The harvesting and manufacturing of this butter is usually done by women for their own family use. The development of this sector allows women to generate additional income and increase their autonomy over the years. Also, the fact that the tree attracts more interest helps improve sustainability and prevent deforestation.

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