kokosfett bio

COSMOS certifed

INCI Cocos Nucifera Oil
Cas No.. 8001-31-8

High content of saturated lauric acid.


C8:0 Caprylsäure: 4-12 %
C10:0 Caprinsäure: 5-8 %
C12:0 lauric acid: 45-53 %
C14:0 Myristinsäure: 16-21 %
C16:0 Palmitic acid: 6-10 %
C18:0 Stearic acid: 2-4 %
C18:1 Oleic acid: 4-10 %
C18:2 Linoleic acid: 0,5-3 %



Verfügbare Qualitäten

Cold pressed

Verpackung / Gebinde

Bucket, carton, drum

Coconut oil/fat, organic


Coconut oil is a fat that is white and solid at room temperature and turns into a clear liquid oil at higher temperatures. Virgin coconut oil has a characteristic coconut smell.

Usage cosmetics

Coconut oil is a good basis oil for cosmetics that can be combined well with active ingredient oils like pomegranate oil or rosehip oil. Coconut oil protects the skin from dehydration and absorbs well. The fat acts cooling on the skin because of its high melting point and is ideal for treating sunburn, irritated and redish skin. Coconut oil is also ideal for hair care and will act nourishing on skin and hair.

The nurturing properties of our Coconut oil were confirmed in a cosmetic study by Dr. Hauck R & D GmbH in October 2015.
The results may be requested from us.

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