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COSMOS certified
NATRUE conform


Hypericum Perforatum Extract / Olea Europaea Fruit Oil / mixed Tocopherol (in Helianthus Annuus Seed Oil) / Helianthus Annuus Seed Oil


84082-80-4 / 8001-25-0

Composition / Ingredients

Palmitic acid: 7,5 - 20,0 %
Öleic acid: 56,0 - 85,0 %
Linoleic acid: 3,5 - 20,0 %

Further macerates and extract oils

Shelf life

At least 24 months

Packaging / Container

Available from 1 kg
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St. John´s wort macerate, organic

Product-Description of St. John´s wort macerate, organic

St. John's wort blooms at the brightest time of the year: the radiant yellow flowers absorb all the power and warmth of the summer sun. Rub the petals between your fingers and a reddish secretion emerges. This is why St. John's wort macerate is also called "red oil". Especially in pharmacy and aromatherapy it is highly appreciated.

Typical for St. John's wort macerate is the light brown to reddish color and the spicy-sweet scent. Based on olive oil the macerate has a high content of oleic acid in addition to the specific active ingredients of St. John's wort.

St. John's wort (Hypericum perforatum) has been used as a medicinal plant in traditional medicine since ancient times. It now grows not only in Europe, North Africa and West Asia, but is also spread around the world along forest edges, field paths or fallow land.The Latin botanical name aptly describes the perforated leaves of St. John's wort: The visible tissue gaps, which look like small dots, contain essential oils. The petals and buds hold the red hypericin.

Straight on site, the fresh plant material from our cultivation partner is crushed and added to a mixture of 2/3 olive oil deodorized, organic and 1/3 extra virgin olive oil, organic. For each kilogram of olive oil, 400g of St. John's wort flowers are needed. The St. John's wort is then macerated for four to five weeks with daily stirring and shaking. Heat and UV radiation are the most important factors of the maceration in order to transfer the active ingredients into the oil and to create the red coloration. After a stabilizing addition of 1% tocopherol extract based on sunflower oil, the St. John's wort macerate is filtered.

Our St. John's wort macerate is ORGANIC, COSMOS and KOSHER certified as well as NATRUE conform. It can be stored for at least 24 months.

Focus on ingredients of St. John´s wort macerate, organic

St. John's wort macerate presents an unusual composition of ingredients which in combination provide its beneficial effects: Probably best known are the anti-inflammatory and antiviral hypericin and the antibacterial hyperforin. In addition, there are, for example, antioxidant flavonoids and tannins or small proportions of skin-friendly sesquiterpenes.

The fatty acids contained in olive oil, like oleic acid and palmitic acid, also have a skin-caring effect.

Application cosmetics of St. John´s wort macerate, organic

Traditionally, St. John's wort macerate, which is commonly felt to be warming, is used for muscle tension, bruises, or to heal wounds. It has a soothing, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effect on the skin due to the specific ingredients of St. John's wort. St. John's wort macerate can also be used as an accompanying treatment for neurodermatitis or eczema.
A massage with the oily plant extract has a beneficial effect and revitalizes after exercise. St. John's wort macerate can be used pure as well as in creams for dry skin or ointments. It is also ideal for after sun lotions.

Confirmed efficacy
We will be happy to inform you about the cosmetic effect of St. John's wort macerate fresh, organic. Click here for our contact information.

Product ideas
For a sports massage balm, St. John's wort macerate fresh, organic can be supplemented with organic shea butter, and organic arnica macerate.

In an after sun lotion, organic sea buckthorn fruit pulp oil, supports the anti-inflammatory effect of St. John's wort macerate.

St. John's wort macerate and organic rosehip kernel oil form a nourishing base for soothing and regenerating face creams for mature skin.

Selected organic projects

Since 2016, the nursery Hegema located in Baden-Württemberg has been growing St. John's wort on 15,000 sqm exclusively for AOT. The organic cultivation is demanding and is performed in a three-year rhythm, with only the second and third year plants being harvested. Usually the harvest takes place in July, using a special crop harvester to collect the flowers and buds as well as parts of the stems and leaves of St. John's wort in the early morning.
Find out more about our cultivation partner here.

Sustainability plays a crucial role for AOT. From the very beginning, we have focused on organic farming. It protects the climate, ensures soil fertility and protects the environment. Synthetic fertilizers and pesticides are not used.

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