distelöl bio


COMOS certified
Natrue conform


Carthamus Tincotorius Seed Oil



Composition / Ingredients

Palmitic acid: 4-10 %
Oleic acid: 1-5 %
Linoleic acid: 67-84 %

Shelf life

At least 18 months

Packaging / Container

Available from 1 kg
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Safflower oil, organic

Product-Description of Safflower oil, organic

The golden yellow cold-pressed Safflower Oil, organic has a very subtle nutty taste and is characterised by an exceptionally high content of linoleic acid. In addition, the oil contains tocopherol and vitamins A, E and K. Our Safflower Oil is Organic, COSMOS and Kosher certified and NATRUE conform. It can be stored for at least 18 months.

Application cosmetics of Safflower oil, organic

Safflower Oil, organic is a light, non-greasy and extremely versatile base oil. It is perfectly suited for the care of oily and impure skin and is used in creams, care oils, bath oils, shower gels and soaps as well as in eye care products. Safflower Oil, organic also offers valuable active ingredients in hair care and is used in shampoos and hair treatments.

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