copazu butter bio


Certified by Prüfgesellschaft mbH
COSMOS certified
NATRUE conform / approved


Theobroma Grandiflorum Seed Butter



Composition / Ingredients

Palmitic acid: 5-10 %
Stearic acid: 26-38 %
Oleic acid: 35-50 %
Linoleic acid: 2-7%

Shelf life

At least 24 months

Packaging / Container

Available from 20 kg
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Copoazu butter, organic

Product-Description of Copoazu butter, organic

Copoazu Butter is a yellowish-white fat with a subtle scent of cocoa. With its proportions of oleic acid, stearic acid and linoleic acid, it is very similar to shea butter, but has a significantly higher content of arachidic acid. The melting point of copoazu butter is lower than other butters, resulting in better spreading properties and smoothness. Our organic Copoazu Butter is certified by Prüfgesellschaft mbH, COSMOS and NATRUE certified as well as Kosher certified and can be stored for at least 24 months.

Application cosmetics of Copoazu butter, organic

Copoazu Butter can be used as a substitute for shea butter. Copoazu Butter has a lighter feel than shea butter and has a lower melting range. In hair care, it strengthens the tensile strength of the hair. Because of its high content of phytosterols, it is often used in body care products. Copoazu Butter can also serve as a natural emulsifier for creams and lotions, as it has a high water absorption capacity and has a certain antibacterial effect.
Due to the balanced ratio between saturated and unsaturated fatty acids, as well as the high content of phytosterols (2 %) and vitamin E, Copoazu Butter is an ideal moisturiser for the skin and an ingredient in sunscreens.

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