bienenwachs hergestellt in der ökologischen Imkerei


Certified by Prüfgesellschaft mbH
COSMOS certified
NATRUE conform


Cera Alba (Cera Flava)



Composition / Ingredients

100 % beeswax

Shelf life

At least 36 months

Available quality

Beeswax yellow or light
produced from organic beekeeping

Packaging / Container

Available from 5 kg
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Bees Wax, produced from organic beekeeping

Product-Description of Bees Wax, produced from organic beekeeping

Beeswax produced from organic beekeeping is a solid wax with a characteristic scent. The yellow natural wax Cera Flava smells intensely of honey, while the refined beeswax Cera Alba is light yellow and almost odourless. Our beeswax is ORGANIC, COSMOS, NATRUE and KOSHER certified. It can be stored for at least 36 months.

Application cosmetics of Bees Wax, produced from organic beekeeping

Beeswax is skinfriendly and  used as a consistency enhancer and emulsifier. It has skin-protecting and moisturising properties. In creams, ointments and lipsticks it provides the products with a firmer consistency. In hair care products beeswax contributes to shine and firmness.

Selected organic projects

Our organic beeswax is strictly checked for residues. For this reason, beekeepers are very interested in setting up the beehives where environmental influences are as low as possible: outside of high-emission areas such as industrial plants, intensive agriculture, landfills, airports, highways. The treatment of the bees is also regulated by the organic regulation. For example, only hives or baskets made of natural materials that cannot contaminate the environment or the apiary products may be used or the clipping of the queen's wings is prohibited.

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