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Certified by Prüfgesellschaft mbH
COSMOS certified
NATRUE conform


Helianthus Annuus Seed Oil / Withania somnifera root


8001-21-6 / 84082-57-5

Composition / Ingredients

Palmitic acid: 5 - 9 %
Stearic acid: 2 - 8 %
Oleic acid: 20 - 50 %
Linoleic acid: 40 - 74 %

Shelf life

Al least 18 months

Packaging / Container

Available from 1 kg
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Ashwagandha Root Macerate Dry, Organic

Product-Description of Ashwagandha Root Macerate Dry, Organic

The pale yellow-green ashwagandha root macerate, organic has a very mild nutty-herbaceous scent. The basis for the macerate is dried organic ashwagandha roots. The macerate is stabilised with tocopherol extract. It can be stored for up to 18 months. Our ashwagandha root macerate is Certified by Prüfgesellschaft mbH, COSMOS and NATRUE certified.

Application cosmetics of Ashwagandha Root Macerate Dry, Organic

Due to its high content of linoleic acid and oleic acid, the oil has distinctly caring, nourishing and barrier-protecting properties. It is said to reduce irritation of the scalp, improve skin hydration and elasticity and reduce hyperpigmentation. Ashwagandha root macerate is used in skin and hair products, creams, gels, oils, lotions, serums, shampoos, face masks and sprays. It is becoming increasingly popular not only in traditional Ayurvedic medicine.

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