Company building warehouse energy awareness

Energy awareness

Energy and its sustainable use is a central focus in all our ecological and economic activities. Consequently, our energy concept is based on several pillars for our green future. Buildings, heating and photovoltaic form a symbiosis.
Our company building was completed in 2018 and consists of two parts, the office complex and the warehouse and production building.  Both are built from alpine renewable wood and are therefore climate neutral. In addition, both buildings are heated with an air heat pump which can be operated by a 99,9 kWp photovoltaic system during the day using solar power. The PV system is designed for winter and summer, so that we receive an average output of 30 kwp and in total consumption, i.e. with machines, computers and equipment, we achieve a utilisation rate of >80% for our own requirements.
All Organic Treasures GmbH has been driving climate-friendly since 2015. The first company car, a BMW i3, followed by others. "I like the idea of driving with the sun," says Fabian Breisinger. That's why electric charging stations were planned when the new site was built and have since been expanded to 4 locations. These are supplied with self-produced electricity, so employees and visitors have the opportunity to refuel their cars green.
With this energy concept, AOT contributes to a sustainable and green future.

Staircase with native woods
Exterior cladding with native woods
Electric filling station from All Organic Treasures