Electric car from All Organic Treasures

AOT drives climate-friendly with the BMW i3

All Organic Treasures GmbH has been driving climate-friendly with the new BMW i3 since 2015. Managing Director Fabian Breisinger has opted for the purely electrically powered BMW for his new company car. The new racer replaces the KIA Soul, which was the first electric car in the company fleet. The car is built using renewable and recycled materials. This means that the car not only runs without emissions, but is also produced and developed in an environmentally friendly manner. With its 200-kilometer range, the new BMW now manages 95% of the trips that need to be made. "I was not only interested in consistently implementing the sustainability concept, but also in supporting a future-oriented technology," says Fabian Breisinger. As often as possible, the young entrepreneur loads his car on his home solar system and says: "I like the idea of driving with the sun.” The Breisinger family is aware that even an electric car only really contributes to CO2 reduction when it is filled up with clean electricity. This is precisely why electric filling stations are being planned for the construction of the new site. These are to be supplied with electricity produced in-house, so that employees and visitors can fill up their cars with green fuel.