Palm kernels sorted by women

Wild palm kernel oil from the Ivory Coast

The only place in the world

The special feature of wild palm kernel oil is that there is only one place in the world where there are still wild palm trees. The western part of the Ivory Coast, from where we get our oil. The wild trees can also be found in two neighboring countries: Liberia and French Guinea. Our palm kernel oil is naturally organic and is from wild collection.

Palm trees on the Ivory Coast

Wilde Palmen an der Elfenbeinküste

Palm kernel oil from the wild palm variety DURA

The scientific name "Elaeis guineensis" of palm oil comes from the ancient Greek "elaia" which means "olive". This name was given because of the fruit's rich oil content and with reference to the Gulf of Guinea where the tree is native. Our product comes from the wild palm variety DURA, which was common throughout West Africa before the improved hybrid variety TENERA emerged. TENERA is used in industrial plantations around the world and is the result of crossing between DURA and another variety called PISIFERA.

Landfrauen sortieren die wilden Palmkerne

Traditional usage

The women farmers in these regions have always harvested the wild seeds of the DURA palm to extract palm oil (red oil) from its pulp for use as cooking oil. This oil is also used by women for cosmetic purposes and in traditional African medicine. It is suitable for massaging infants, during childbirth and for treating certain ailments such as ear infections or loss of appetite. After childbirth, rural women use the oil for its regenerating and healing properties. New moms also use it to hide post-pregnancy stretch marks and beautify the skin. It is also valued as a hair restorer.
The remaining stones contain the so-called palm kernels, which the women use to extract palm kernel oil. It is an important ingredient in soap making because of its high content of lauric acid, which gives soap strength and foam. These are then sold by the women or used for their own needs.The processing offers the women in the collecting areas a secure income, as it is a year-round activity.

Farmer's wife sorts palm kernels in the Ivory Coast

Traditionelles sortieren von Palmenkernen

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