Analyses by accredited laboratories and in-house laboratory

Quality assurance

Quality assurance documentation

Full documentation and traceability

For us, transparency is the key to unique quality and thus long-term relationships. Complete documentation, batch-related analyzes and traceability through reserve samples are an essential part of our quality assurance.
The following documents are available to you with every delivery:

Lot-related Certificates of Analysis
Product Specifications
Safety Data Sheets
Allergen Lists

Quality assurance supply chain

Quality and responsibility along the supply chain

Our suppliers are selected and checked through a detailed supplier and product approval process in cooperation with the quality assurance team. Consistently high raw material quality and sustainability along the entire supply chain cannot be viewed separately. One requires the other and so we work together with our suppliers from all over the world. Supplier relationships built up over years and regular on-site audits ensure the excellent and stable quality of our raw materials. You can find details of our purchasing guidelines here.

Quality assurance analytics

Conscientious analytics

We don't leave quality to chance. Consistent incoming goods checks by qualified employees are standard. This includes checking by the sensory team, the in-house laboratory and residue analysis. Specifically, this means that the standard parameters (density, refractive index, POZ, FFA) of each batch are analyzed in our in-house laboratory. In cooperation with external, accredited laboratories, contaminants such as pesticides, heavy metals, plasticizers, PAH etc. are examined and the distribution of fatty acids is checked.

Quality assurance ISO 22000

ISO 22000 tested

In order to guarantee the safety of our products, we have been ISO 22000 certified since 2018. The constant further development of the processes and the minimization of risks are continuously evaluated by our HACCP team. We ensure that our products comply with the legal requirements for Germany and the European Union for cosmetic raw materials, food and food additives.