Rosehip blossoms on bush in Bulgaria

Organic rosehip seeds from Bulgaria

With our rosehip seed oil, our rosehip powder and our rosehip flour we offer even three ecological products based on rosehip seeds for natural cosmetics or the natural food industry. While the oil is popular in cosmetics mainly because of its skin regenerating ingredients, the high amount of fibre and the high content of vitamin C make the flour and powder very desirable for the food industry.

Rosehip fruit cut open

Our reliable partner from Bulgaria

We purchase our rosehip kernels from Tera Bild, a privately owned Bulgarian family business (picture on the right, family Angenova with our export manager Carsten Richter) which has specialised in the production and export of high-quality organic products for more than ten years. It is one of the oldest and largest pioneer companies in Bulgaria and is known, among other things, for the cultivated Rosa Canina-Plovdiv, from which our organic rosehip seeds are extracted.
Tera Bild's rosehip kernels come from their own plantations in the heart of south-east Bulgaria - a beautiful landscape area in an ecologically clean region. All of Tera Bild's land is irrigated, allowing for a controlled water supply when the plantations need it most. This makes them less vulnerable to drought and guarantees large and stable annual harvests. The climate and soil conditions of this particular region are ideal for growing the rose hip plants.
The selection of the Rosa Canina-Plovdiv variety was the result of a fifty-year research project by Maria Popova, one of the most respected Bulgarian botanists. Rosehip plants from the hilly areas of southern and central Bulgaria were analysed for yield, taste and active ingredient content to create this unique variety with its exceptional characteristics, best suited for cultivation in these geographical, local and climatic conditions.

Family business - Tera Bild - with owner and AOT employees
Rosehip seeds for oil production
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