Pomegranate on the tree

Organic pomegranate seeds from Azerbaijan

Our supplier for organic pomegranate seeds is one of the major beverage producers in the South Caucasus. The company's juice and wine production facility was established in 2011. It produces fruit juices, concentrates and compotes. The main focus: pomegranate juice and concentrate.
On 400 hectares of pomegranate orchards grow the organically certified pomegranates for our high-quality pomegranate seed oil and pomegranate flour. The pomegranate varieties Guloyshe, Rosa Guloysha and Bala Mursal are cultivated in the region of Agsu in eastern Azerbaijan.
To harvest 15 tons of pomegranates in one day, 30 to 50 harvesters are needed in the high season. In the fruit juice plant, employees work in several shifts to extract juice and seeds from the incoming pomegranates.

Processing the pomegranates

The processing of the fruit starts with the raw material inspection before unloading the fruits. After emptying the crates, the fruits are washed, sorted and calibrated. Large presses are used to extract the juice, while the kernels as well as the shells are sorted by separate screw conveyors. Following the juice production, the fruit pulp is transported to a processing machine by screw conveyors. There the pulp is cleaned or brushed and the separated kernels are gently dried in a drying drum.
The drying equipment has been newly installed and fully meets our quality requirements in order to dry the pomegranate seeds as gently as possible and thus preserve the valuable ingredients. The thoroughly cleaned kernels are then sorted again and filled into large bags. After a further quality check, the kernels are transported to Germany, mechanically cold-pressed by our own subcontractor and then filtered.

Drying and juicing plant in the South Caucasus

Organic pomegranate seeds for natural cosmetics and natural food

Pomegranate seed oil is considered an outstanding skin and face oil for dry and stressed skin. The effect is attributed to the high content of phytoestrogens and the high antioxidant effect of punicic acid. We have proven the effect in our AOT efficacy study. The oil promotes cell proliferation (new cell formation), increases skin elasticity and regenerates tissue. Its anti-inflammatory effect supports the care of neurodermitic, eczematic and sun-damaged skin.
Our organic pomegranate seed oil is also excellent for the production and processing of natural foods. The same applies to our pomegranate flour, which is also made from pomegranate seeds. The flour is ideal for the production of food supplements, cereals or fitness bars.

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