mallow macerate in organic quality

Mallow macerate, organic from our own production

The mallow is not only a beautiful plant but also an ideal basis for organic natural cosmetics. More than 5000 years ago the Chinese already used mallow for various purposes. Even the Bible mentions the healing properties of mallow. And in the Middle Ages mallow was one of the most important herbs.
Today we know that the plant has antioxidant and skin soothing properties because of its flavanoids. This makes mallow an ideal ingredient in baby care products and cosmetics for sensitive skin.

Through our maceration with dried plants, we bring out an excellent macerate. The impeccable quality of the base oil and the plant itself is a very important factor. The maceration must be fast, oxygen-free and germ-free in order to avoid microbiological contamination. For all macerates, we recommend dark and cool storage to maintain the product quality. The greenish extract has no water content and is therefore insensitive to microorganisms. The mallow macerate can be used pure, in emulsions or processed into surfactant products.

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