Almond blossoms on tree in Spain

Organic almond oil from Spain

Hardly any other oil is as important for natural cosmetics as almond oil. Since ancient times people have appreciated the caring properties of this oil. And almond oil is also valuable for the preparation and refinement of food. The basis for our almond oil are of course almonds, which we have been sourcing for years from reliable partners in Spain and whose quality we and our customers have appreciated for a long time.

Almond trees that bloom

High quality almonds from sunny Spain

Our almonds come from a region that invites to linger. Scenic almond groves located all over Spain provide the ideal conditions for the almonds to ripen and develop their unmistakable flavour. The cultivation areas are situated on highly fertile soils, which combined with the perfect climate for growing almonds in Spain result in consistently good harvests.
Besides the best growing conditions in Spain, our reliable suppliers also contribute to the smooth production of high quality almond oil. We have been working with our partners in Spain for many years now, so we can be sure that cultivation, harvesting and processing of the almonds are done in an ecological and sustainable way.

Almond kernels, organic on the assembly line

The harvesting and processing of almonds

When it is time for the harvest, a shaking goes through the Spanish almond groves. The workers shake the trees until the almonds in their shells all fall from the tree and can be picked up. The collected almonds are then first stored in large silos.
When it is time for further processing, the almond shells are first cracked to get to the kernels. These are then sorted, cleaned and blanched. Finally, the almond kernels are packed neatly and exported to us in Germany.
Once they arrive at our premises, the almond kernels are pressed using a gentle mechanical cold pressing process. The result is light yellow almond oil of excellent quality, in which the important fatty acids, vitamins and trace elements contained in the almond kernels are largely preserved.

Mandeln bearbeiten in Spanien
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